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Montreal Canadiens - A record every hockey player wanted.


Players and teams have set some amazing records in hockey.

They’ve also established some that are downright embarrassing.

Here’s a record every hockey player would like to own - for most Stanley Cup wins. It belongs to Henri Richard of the Montreal Canadiens. He retired with 11 Stanley Cup championships. Some players have retired after 20 seasons without a single one.

And get this. Henri was a leap year baby so he had more Cup rings than he had birthdays. He celebrated only nine birthdays during his amateur and pro career.

Here’s an easy question. Can you name hockey’s oldest and most successful team? Of course you can. It’s the Montreal Canadiens, who celebrated their 100th birthday in 2009.

Class of 93 - NHL.com

In 1993, the Montreal Canadiens captured their 24th Stanley Cup, defeating the Los Angeles Kings in a five-game series. During the ’93 playoffs, the Canadiens won a record ten straight games in overtime. Montreal goalie Patrick Roy, who posted a 16-4 record, was awarded the Conn Smythe Trophy as playoff MVP.

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